Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Flowers and Our Services

How soon should I start planning?
Start Early, you should begin researching florists at least six months before the wedding. This allows time to find a suitable florist and to begin working with us to develop your wedding concept. Inquire about our design philosophy to see if it will complement your vision.
What should I bring to the consultation?
Spend some time before your initial consultation studying the internet and wedding magazines to get an idea of what floral designs you like. Don’t limit yourself because you cannot find a sample of a specific style and color combination. Bring multiple photos of styles you like and separate photos of color schemes which appeal to you. Remember, we can create arrangements in virtually any color scheme you prefer.
Do you have a retail location?
We have no storefront and are not a traditional ‘florist’. Unlike traditional florists, we do not keep our huge cooler filled with flowers growing old waiting for walk-in customers. Each stem is carefully selected just prior to arranging ensuring that you receive only the freshest flowers. We work out of a spacious and commercially cooled private design studio free of walk-in distractions.

Since you do not have a retail location, where will we meet for our consultation?
We will make arrangements to meet with you at your favorite coffee house. The first meeting usually takes one to two hours, and we will cover all of your floral options from bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces and arches/chuppas. You will also get an idea of what flowers will be in season for your wedding day.

Come Prepared
It's always a good idea to know your floral budget before meeting with us. Be sure to bring the following information to the meeting; location, date and time of ceremony, location, date and time of reception, time of scheduled photography session, name, address and contact numbers for both wedding and reception venues, and the name and phone number of your contact person (usually the maid of honor, best man or wedding coordinator). It is also helpful if you are able to provide us with a fabric sample of your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Handy Pricing Guidelines
The price of your wedding flowers will depend on three criteria: (1) the types of flowers you choose, (2) the quantity of flowers you will need and (3) the seasonal availability of your chosen blooms.

Important Considerations
Keep in mind we are dealing with Mother Nature, and while it is very unusual for flowers grown in southern California to become unavailable, consider the following. Many flowers, for example, roses, are shipped from other countries. You should be flexible and have a “plan B” in place in the event your first choice in blooms becomes unavailable. We prepare you for this, because we have experienced this scenario first hand. You may be faced with an important decision whether to possibly pay double for something you really want or more likely be required to substitute with different blooms all together. Give some forethought into how critical it is to you to get exactly what you want or whether you would be willing to substitute to keep your budget in check.

Traditionally who pays for the wedding flowers?
While this practice is rarely, if ever used, we do get asked this question out of curiosity. Traditionally the groom is responsible for the bride’s bouquet, the corsages, and the boutonnieres. The bride is responsible for the groom’s boutonniere. The bride’s family is responsible for any floral decorations and the attendants’ bouquets