Bonita Ranch wedding using vibrant purple and orange wedding flowers

Lisa and Seth chose bright orange and purple flowers as a stark contrast to their ranch wedding venue. This non working horse ranch in Bonita which has been in Seth’s family for years was transformed into a bright and vibrant wedding and reception venue.  This wedding was oddly a successful fusion of old horse ranch meets neon bright.

Each purple Phalaenopsis orchid was removed from the stem and hand wired to construct this symetrical and exotic bouquet.


Orange circus roses, mango calla lilies and purple dendrobium orchids.

Arch spray consisting of circus roses, mango callas, yellow Asiatic lilies, hot pink roses, purple dendrobium orchids and bells of Ireland.

Lisa holding a beautiful purple phaleanopsis orchid bouquet.


Purple phalaenopsis orchid bridal bouquet. Circus rose and purple dendrobium orchid bridesmaid's bouquets.


The reception site was set up on a hay covered area in front of an old moss green colored barn. Three barn doors were removed and the inside of the barn was transformed into the cake, beverage and food area. The contrast of these bright purple centerpieces was striking against this backdrop.

Purple dendrobium orchid and bear grass submerged in a 12" glass cylinder vase using multi colored river rocks.

This wedding was truly an outside the box concept wedding. Keep this in mind when you are planning your wedding or next event. Try a fusion of two contrasting themes you may be surprised at the outcome.

More ranch photos to follow.

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