Manzanita trees, the latest trend in floral design

Welcome to my first Floral Atmospheres’ Blog. My goal is to use this tool to provide brides, planners and guests with helpful hints and inspiration for a perfect event. This November blog finds us at the end of the year which is usually filled with various events spent with family and friends.

Are you decorating for the holidays?  If so, you may want to consider something a little different than a traditional centerpiece. I recently used Manzanita trees for the “Creeps for Critters” fundraiser to benefit Second Chance Dog Rescue, San Diego. Aside from the natural beauty of a Manzanita tree, these centerpieces offer durability which in turn allows you the option to use them again and again no matter what the occasion.

Manzanita Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Manzanita trees make great Thanksgiving centerpieces

Consider using one of these trees as your Thanksgiving centerpiece. You can achieve your fall look by using dried fall leaves or fresh seasonal flowers. As you can see from the photo, I wired flower balls on the lower branches for a big splash of color and then used smaller individual flowers on some of the top branches to tie in additional colors. I also hung votives from the stronger branches which created an elegant dinner setting (be careful not to get the votive flame too close to the stems or consider using flameless votives.) Hanging crystals can be added for additional dimension.

Another great idea is to create a family tree using 3” x 5” family photos hanging from various branches.

Manzanita family tree

Make a Manzanita Family Tree!

Manzanita branches are available in their natural deep red color or sandblasted which results in a bone color. You can also spray paint the branches any color you choose.

Christmas Manzanita Centerpiece Display

A sanblasted Manzanita Christmas Display

Consider the sandblasted branches for your holiday card tree or for you next baby or bridal shower.

Brides to be, consider using a Manzanita tree as guest card holder or wishing tree at your reception.

White Manzanita wishing tree

White Manzanita wishing tree

You can order your tree in any color and container combination. I can provide you with the finished tree to decorate yourself or I also offer decorating services to compliment any occasion. Most trees stand 31/2 to 4ft tall when finished. Because of the height and open nature of the branch structure you will have very little obstruction if using for a centerpiece.

Creeps manazanita tree

Check back next month when I discuss interesting holiday and wedding wreath centerpieces.

7 Responses to Manzanita trees, the latest trend in floral design

  1. Bonnie Lisama says:

    Awesome ideas Alecia. Very creative and Beautiful.

  2. mercy says:

    amazing ideas! hope you continue sharing DIY that are very helpful and interesting

  3. Kaala says:

    I love your ideas. I have a question- How do you put together, in detail, the flower balls for the branches. Are they real flowers? Please don’t mind my ingnorance. Thank you so much

    • Alecia says:

      Hi Kaala, the spheres are foam spheres which can be purchased from any floral wholesaler/supplier. After soaking them, I cut them in half and taped the two sides around the branch with floral tape. The flowers are real and I guarantee you will use more than you think. I thought it would take about 18 flowers to cover the ball but in fact it took about 36 – 40. I used the smallest sphere available, in think they were 3″. They finish quite large after all the flowers were in place. The trick is not to get the foam too wet. If you do they will fall apart. Good luck!!!!

  4. Rita says:

    These are great! I’m making a bunch of these for my wedding centerpieces. I was wondering if you could please give me details about the bases, particularly the one in the Thanksgiving picture (the first pic). Thanks!

    • Alecia says:

      Hi Rita,

      You can use almost any container as long as it is large enough to support the weight of the branches. I used plaster of paris to set the tree branch in place. Depending on how many you plan on making you will probably be best off purchasing a 20lb bag from Home Depot. Once the plaster of paris is set I used a mahogany color floral spray to touch up any scratches or overspray from the plaster on the branches. I then used hot glue to secure green moss to the top of the plaster. Good luck with your DIY project. I keep my tree as a centerpiece year round and decorate it for every holiday.

      Thanks for writing,


  5. Nikkayla Do says:


    I’m just wondering how long did it take you to finish the Thanks giving centerpiece with the flower balls?

    Thanks a lot!

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